The Nope to Dope Campaign

The Nope to Dope Campaign began November 12, 2005. This is the day that drugs ended the life of Zachary Davis, age 24. Zachary was Anita’s son. Anita and her family at Breitenbach Winery hope that, through this campaign, lives will be saved.

Zachary grew up in Dover- a small quiet, manicured community located on the edge of Ohio’s Amish Country. Zach attended the schools that are given “excellent” academic ratings and rank high in the state for sports. However, drugs are in this community and addiction is found in all walks of life.

Duke Bixler, Zach’s grandpa, erected a billboard on I-77 that says “Nope to Dope”. Interstate 77 intersects Rt. 250, which leads into Rt. 22, which is dubbed “heroin highway” because of all of the drug traffic. Duke purchased drug dogs for the county to help with law enforcement and dealer convictions. The most relative action the family has taken is the drug awareness and prevention presentation that are taken into elementary and middle schools and teen centers.

Zachary’s mother, Anita and Zach’s girlfriend, Lindsey talk with kids about drugs, the danger and the real life heartache of addiction and death. Some kids can relate to the presentation because they live with a family member addicted to drugs, but for others, this is the first time they’ve ever talked about drugs or knew the devastating effects of abuse.